Q – 1.25.22 We were directed to your excellent site by our travel agent. There is more information than I have seen elsewhere but we are desperate to know when you think the “sisters” will be back in service providing the service we love so much. We’ve been on fourteen Crystal Cruises over the year and each and every one was special. We still keep in touch with three or four crew members we’ve met over the years. What will happen to the crew while all this is going on? 

A – We do not believe that Crystal will ever return in exactly the form that you remember. The ships are older and they are not fuel-efficient. They are also limited to 960 passengers which is a “tween” size in terms of the goals of many lines. We are hopeful – our heart is with you – our head says it is going to be a kind of fire sale and no one knows for sure where your beloved vessels will end up. Yesterday, both the Chairman of Genting, Tan Sri KT Lim and the executive director of  Genting, Colin Au, announced their resignations as Crystal’s ships and other assets were made subject to the appointment of joint provisional liquidators for the company. 

Typically in this kind of situation, anywhere from 10-15% of the crew will remain on board the ship to maintain essential services related to electrical, plumbing, and docking. You can’t just let ships of this size sit idle at sea. Other crew members may or may not be paid and they will have to find their way home, likely on their own. Hopefully, the liquidators appointed by the court in Bermuda to manage Crystal’s “wind-down” will carefully consider the financial needs of the crew left stranded with their ships. 

We have attempted to ask  Crystal for assurances about the welfare of their crews but the company is no longer answering its phones. 

Cherish your memories and the wonderful people you have met aboard these incredible vessels.