Q – 1.19.22 – We are wondering just where the buck stops. We booked with one of the largest online travel agencies two years ago and then had our sailing cancelled due to Covid. Now, we are supposed to sail Crystal this November using our and it sounds like they will be back by then but who really knows?  We tried to contact our agent about this but they claim they are too busy to accept calls. Meanwhile, in our few dealings and exchange of paperwork, we were never told about any issues at Crystal. We have sailed them three times in the past. I am amazed that I am just now finding out about this. We were shocked to see the letter from Crystal on your site. We never received such a letter. I really need to know who is at fault here so I can pursue an appropriate response. I just feel left out in the “Crystal Cruise Cold”. 

A – Sadly, the buck stops somewhere in the vicinity of your home computer. What in the world are you doing booking anything online when you know, or ought to know if you have followed our website, that you have paid a significant commission to an online booker who has provided little if any advisory services? Hopefully, the commission was refunded to you as it should be for any direct bookings made to the cruise line or for any online booking service that does not provide personalized care and counseling. 

You did not receive the letter because your sailing has not yet been technically cancelled. The Crystal Serenity and Symphony will be tied up until court outcomes are determined. No “official” decision has been made to cancel any sailing beyond May but this past Wednesday, Crystal’s owner completed a filing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange saying it would be “unable to pay off its debts” after this month. An application toi allow the selling off of portions of the company was made on the 20th to the Supreme Court in Bermuda. 

There are all sorts of current rumors about the possible outcome in Bermuda as Genting tries to sell enough current assets to achieve some level of financial stability.

For now, we would urge you to cancel your booking and get in line for a refund if Crystal will allow that. Or – you can be an optimist. It is possible, though we think not probable, that a suitor will still be found and that Crystal will ive to sail again another day. We would love for that to happen – but we will not advise our guests to plan on that outcome.