Q – We are stalwart Crystal fans. But your cautions on this respected site have raised some questions in our mind as to whether or not we should continue to be “one line” cruisers or whether or not it may be time to do the Silversea switch. We’ve read every word here about Crystal’s shaky or, perhaps, I should say “cloudy” financial picture. Now we are in a New Year and other than Cruisetruth, I don’t see any honest reporting about Crystal that we can depend on. Is there any kind of an update one way or another? 

A – (January 4, 2022) The Cloud still hangs over Crystal’s PR Department with little or no financial explanations for loyal guests such as yourselves. But there is some significant news. As of late December of 2021, Crystal guests may now be covered for “Supplier Default” insurance coverage by several of the major insurance carriers including Travelex. This is, we believe, a really positive step as insurance underwriters, a hard-to-please group and generally lousy cocktail party guests, are now including Crystal on an even keel with competitors. Supplier Default coverage in our current cruise environment is not a bad idea and we are pleased that Crystal appears to have generated the kind of insider confidence that allows its guests to, once again, be fully insurable.