Q – 3.9.22 Is there any update on when the new website to make a claim for a Crystal refund will go live?

A – It went live on March 8th. The site is Here is the story as reported by Travel Weekly.

Website established to file Crystal Cruises claims

By Jamie Biesiada  Mar 09, 2022|
Crystal Cruises ceased operations in early February. Pictured, the Crystal Serenity.

Customers and travel agents of Crystal Cruises, the luxury line that ceased operations in early February, can now file a claim for money they believe they are owed at

Claims must be filed by June 11.  

The website was created by Mark Healy of Michael Moecker & Associates. Healy has been appointed the assignee to manage the liquidation of three companies: Crystal Cruises LLC, Crystal AirCruises LLC and Crystal Holdings U.S. LLC. Crystal Holdings is the parent holding company of Crystal Cruises and Crystal AirCruises.

Crystal Cruises is currently undergoing an insolvency proceeding in Florida. As part of that process, Healy is creating a liquidation plan to free up as much money as possible for passengers and creditors.

Once the assets have been liquidated, Healy will go before Florida 11th Circuit Court Judge Alan Fine, who will have final approval on the distribution of funds to creditors.

Healy said it appears that Crystal Cruises has limited assets because it did not own its ships.

Crystal passengers may have other recourses to recover funds available to them, the release notes. Those who cannot pursue those methods, or who are denied refunds, are encouraged to file a claim.

Claim forms are available on the website now. The site will be used to communicate updates. All non-passenger creditors will get a claim form via mail in the coming weeks, while all passengers identified as potential creditors will get an email with instructions on filing a claim.

“Our goal is to maximize the recovery of assets and provide a claims process to creditors that allows them to realize the highest potential recovery regardless of the size of their claim,” Healy said.