Q (9.1.20) – In reading this site, I appreciate the lack of bias. I love Crystal Cruises and have sailed them, on both Yacht and large ship sailings six times. Now, I am wondering if the cruise I have booked next May will ever operate based on some of what I have been reading in the Q&A on your web site. I did not take out Crystal’s insurance because I have a pre-existing condition and wanted coverage. The deposit was paid on February 27th and I took out a Travelex insurance policy on March 8th. If Crystal is in default, it is my understanding that I would have Default coverage along with my Pre-Existing condition waiver because I took out the insurance within 21 days. Can you verify this?

Now, there is another issue. My sister-in-law and her husband want to join us. Will they be able to get the same coverage today that I took out last March?  

A – We can verify that, as stated, you would be covered. But we are afraid that your relatives can no longer secure Travelex Supplier Default insurance covering Crystal Cruises. Travelex has determined, through its underwriters, that it will no longer be able to offer Default Coverage for any Crystal product. There are several legalities and fine print involved but what this news really means is that anyone who purchased a policy offering Default Coverage for a Cruise is only covered on a Crystal product if the policy effective date was prior to August 3rd, 2020. This is not encouraging news and is based on financial information coming out of Asia.

Do be aware that insurance companies are always reviewing their underwriters’ decisions and this refusal to insure Crystal can be reversed at any time.